Berny Belvedere

Editor-in-Chief: @ArcDigi | Contributor: @WashingtonPost , @BuzzFeedNews , @NRO , @Independent , and more

Ryan Huber

Co-Founder, Editor-at-Large, Arc | PhD Ethics | Assistant Professor of Christian Ethics @ Fuller Theological Seminary

Nicholas Grossman

Senior Editor at Arc Digital. Poli Sci prof (IR) at U. Illinois. Author of “Drones and Terrorism.” Politics, national security, and occasional nerdery.

Elizabeth Picciuto

Writer. Associate Editor at Arc Digital. Cinema Studies MA, Philosophy PhD. Accessibility zealot. Will garden for food & flowers. Twitter: @epicciuto

Cathy Young

Russian-Jewish-American writer. Associate editor, Arc Digital; contributor, Reason, Newsday, The Forward etc. https://www.patreon.com/CathyYoung

Nicholas Clairmont

Writer, book reviewer, Asia watcher, language obsessive, reluctant correspondent on the culture war

Caroline Orr

Feminist. Behavioral Scientist. Freelancer. I study disinformation, psychological warfare, & the extremes of human behavior. Then I write about it for you.

Andrea Ruth

Associate Editor for Arc Digital. Co-host of ‘The Right Side’ podcast.

Justin Lee

When the blood-dimmed tide is loosed, find me playing in the surf. Fictioneer | MFA, UC Irvine | Literary Editor @ArcDigi | justindeanlee.com

Bonny Brooks

IPS Research Fellow at Library of Congress. UK Editor at Arc Digital. AHRC researcher at Newcastle University. Writer. Politics geek. http://bonnybrooks.net/

Jay Caruso

Deputy Editor at the WashIngton Examiner Mag. Formerly Dallas Morning News. Found at National Review, The Atlantic, The Daily Beast. Yankees fan.

Latest Posts

Discovering Diotima

Armand D’Angour’s argument for the female-founding of Western philosophy

Republicans and Democrats Really Do Misunderstand Each Other

The “Perception Gap” study found more than just misunderstandings about language

Civil Liberties and the Surveillance State

Government surveillance is a growing threat to democracy. We need to talk about it more.

Remembering Jim Bouton

“Ball Four” and the hard-boiled detective

America’s Performative Patriots

Real patriotism has to mean something more than symbols

The Unabashed Patriotism of Megan Rapinoe

There is more than one way to love this country

Am I the Wrong Kind of Gay?

Hell no. Nobody is the wrong kind of gay.

Our Discussions of Intersectionality Are Going Nowhere. Here’s Why.

A plea for both sides—pro and anti-intersectionality—to approach each other in good faith

The Acids of Trump’s Border Policy

We are deliberately harming children in order to dissuade more from coming. This is where we are now.

How To Put ISIS Members On Trial

The best way — the only real option — is a new hybrid international tribunal


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