This is a badoo_tech team blog focused on technology and technology issues.

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Github: - - This is a Badoo Tech Team blog focused on technology and technology issues.

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Burnt-out workers: is there a way out?

A helpful guidelines from my own experience, so that you don’t make the same mistakes that I did when dealing with it.

Features, but faster: the life of an Android developer at Badoo

A guide for all our different approaches, real-life examples and much more for fast features delivery

A Custom LayoutManager Case: Bumble Beeline

A step by step guide to building a custom LayoutManager

Unidirectional data-flow and the Zen of black box components

This is the third part in a series of articles on Android architecture at Badoo. Here are links to the first two:

Swipe right on Motion Layout

How to get into the swiping game with the beta version of Motion Layout

Dub-dub 2019: my take on what’s new at WWDC

Some text herIn this article I share my impressions of the conference.

What Google I/O 2019 addressed: Android 10, AR-applications and much more

In this article I’ll share my thoughts on Google I/O 2019 that my colleagues and I attended recently (and Badoo were even mentioned in one…

A monolithic architecture for our clients’ hundreds of versions: how we write and support tests

Like any developer, I really enjoy attending conferences and reading articles. It keeps me up-to-date with what’s going on in software…

Reaktive — a multiplatform library for reactive Kotlin

Reactive programming is really popular today not least because it has loads of plus points: the absence of what is called ‘callback hell’…


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