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Michelle Lee

Product Designer | Comedies make me cry. Dramas make me laugh. I'm a believer in the oxford comma and pesto. Newbie wood designer + fabricator.

Latest Posts

OwlFactor is now The Factual. Also — how not to name your startup.

I’m delighted to announce that today we’re rebranding OwlFactor as The Factual.

OwlFactor launches Trusted News Service to combat biased and fake news

We are all sick of biased news, click-bait headlines, and fake news.

Apple News subscription is fatally flawed but not because of the revenue share

Yesterday, rumors leaked of a subscription coming soon from Apple News. The details are being refined but the concept seems to be $10/mth…

Thanks for the thoughtful comment Nikos and pretty cool you wrote a similar article earlier.

Inkl and Blendle have a limited selection of content. But without all the content, or any justification for why their selection is special…

Why isn’t there a Netflix for News?

For most content — music, video, TV — there are subscription models that allow people to access a wide range of content for one low…

The highest-rated tech reporter in the US is… an intern?

OwlFactor recently launched a website with ratings for 5000+ journalists across 50 publications. There are many surprising findings…

Making it easy to apply Media Literacy guidelines every day

Media Literacy Week in the U.S. is Nov 5–9, 2018 and hundreds of educators are sharing guidelines to help people better evaluate the media…

Using OwlFactor to evaluate news quality

With the rampant spread of misinformation on social networks people are more aware they must evaluate the news with a critical eye.

The best and worst news stories on the Migrant Caravan

In the last 30 days, there have been at least 1500 news articles written on the migrant caravan across 350+ news sites. In case you’ve…

Announcing OwlFactor (formerly CivikOwl) — The smart way to get good news

When we started CivikOwl two years ago our original idea was to help people take meaningful actions after they read the news. This idea…


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