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Latest Posts

Flipkart Goes Multilingual for Bharat

Flipkart is breaking language barriers to expand access to e-commerce. We have now expanded our interface to Hindi, Tamil, Telugu & Kannada

The future of voice-powered shopping in the land of language

Flipkart’s journey to build a conversational assistant platform for India’s next 200 million e-commerce users

Network Optimizations in Flipkart’s Data Centers — SlashN 2019

How data traverses a virtualized host, data centers, and the Internet to reach Flipkart’s end users.

Madman, an open-source Ads Framework for Android

Madman provides an easy way to integrate the ads library with the video player. It allows you to fetch ad responses from vast ad server

Searching Flipkart Data Catalog with Apache Jena

We use Apache Jena extensively to create a data catalog system of our data platform. We have extended it to allow searching as well.

Try the shade on Flipkart

A HTML 5 Canvas based catalog selection to help our ‘Health and Beauty’ customers choose lip shade suiting their skin tone

Linux TCP SO_REUSEPORT — Usage and implementation

Improve your server performance using a relatively new feature of the Linux networking stack — the SO_REUSEPORT socket option.

Actionable Insights Extraction From Reviews and Images — SlashN 2019

Actionable Insights Extraction from Reviews and Images is a comprehensive project that targets improvements in customer satisfaction rates

Virtual Private Cloud — Solving SDN for Flipkart Cloud

Flipkart has built its own in-house private cloud platform with over tens of thousands of servers spanned across multiple data centers.

Lego Building Blocks To Model Supply Chain Workflows — SlashN 2018

The supply chain is the backbone of the e-commerce business. An effective supply chain is one that costs low and operates fast.


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