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Rishabh Dua

Engineering Manager @ Flipkart

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Engineering India’s biggest e-commerce. Creative data scientists & engineers sharing their finds.

Latest Posts

Running a multi-region Zookeeper

We define multi-region zookeeper as a deployment where voting members of the cluster are spread across more than one region.

Optimizing Flipkart’s Serviceability Data from 300 GB to 150 MB in-memory

To scale our Serviceability system, we explored reducing the data size, remodeling to graph storage & other strategies.

Memory Tuning a High Throughput Microservice

At Flipkart, over a billion recommendations are served to users every day. These recommendations help millions of users discover products…

Building Personalized Autosuggestion

Our aim is to personalise auto-suggestions for every user and not rely on pre-defined cohorts.

AutoQC — Providing instant Catalog Feedback to Sellers

AutoQC platform enables building pipelines of high-performing models that understands & quality checks product images at scale.

Predicting your next query even before you type!

We introduced the ‘Discover More’ feature just below the auto-suggestions list, which displays personalized queries.

Dockerized Frontend Applications in Flipkart

Flipkart’s frontend teams are sharing their learnings as they take first steps to move to docker & kubernetes.

The Journey of React-Native @ Flipkart

In this article, we attempt to explain the rationale behind our choice of React-Native, briefly describe the onboarding challenges.

Adapting Search to Indian Phonetics

Solving search for customers who are more familiar with regional language and dialects than English and are new to typing as well.

Flipkart Goes Multilingual for Bharat

Flipkart is breaking language barriers to expand access to e-commerce. We have now expanded our interface to Hindi, Tamil, Telugu & Kannada


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