Flutter is Google's mobile UI framework for crafting high-quality native interfaces on iOS and Android in record time. Flutter works with existing code, is used by developers and organizations around the world, and is free and open source. Learn more at https://flutter.io

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Filip Hracek

Developer and manager working on Google’s Dart programming language and Flutter SDK; gamebooks enthusiast; https://filiph.net

Wm Leler

Developer Advocate / Senior Software Engineer at Google - @flutter_wm

Seth Ladd

Product Manager @ Google for Flutter, author, conference organizer. Loves badminton and board games.

Martin Aguinis

Flutter Team @ Google. Born in Argentina.

Michael Thomsen

Product Manager working on Dart and Flutter. Helping developers is my passion!

Tim Sneath

Product Manager for Flutter (a framework for building mobile apps) and Dart (a modern, client-optimized programming language) at Google.

Andrew Brogdon

Engineer at Google, currently cranking out code for the Flutter developer relations team.

Latest Posts

Hummingbird: Building Flutter for the Web

At Flutter Live today, we announced that we are experimenting with running Flutter on the Web. In this post, we describe how we are…

Flutter Live — What to Expect from Google’s event

tl;dr: Flutter Live, a celebration of Google’s new mobile app SDK, is happening on December 4th. Watch it at g.co/FlutterLive.

Flutter on Raspberry Pi (mostly) from Scratch

This document describes an experiment in porting the Flutter engine to a target that is currently not supported. That fact that I used a…

Google hosting Flutter Live on Dec 4 for updates on new way to build mobile apps

Tl;dr: Flutter Live, a celebration of Google’s new mobile app SDK, is happening on December 4th. Sign up here for our global livestream…

Event Loop in Widget Tester

Flutter’s widget tester is a great way to do unit testing on widgets. It allows you to bring up a headless environment where you can…

Pitching Flutter to your company or client

The business case for Flutter

Slivers, Demystified

Or, how to do fancy scrolling techniques in your mobile app with Flutter

Writing a good Flutter plugin

Plugins are essential to the Flutter ecosystem. They allow Flutter developers to interact with libraries of the platform the app is…

Executing Dart in the Background with Flutter Plugins and Geofencing

Whether handling push notifications, location updates, or sensor events, many useful features require that an application has the ability…

What We’ve Learned from the July 2018 Flutter User Survey

Flutter’s User Experience Research team recently conducted an online survey to measure user satisfaction and understand user needs.


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