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Wajahat Karim

📱 Android Developer . 💻 Open Source Contributor . 📝Writer . 🎤 Speaker . 👶 Father — 🌐 Check my website at https://wajahatkarim.com

Danish Amjad

Senior Software Engineer — Working on Android. I like learning, discussing & dive into new challenge. Email: Dani.amjad12@gmail.com

Latest Posts

Flutter Boring Tab to Cool Tab

The default tabs styles provided by the flutter is kind of boring. But It doesn’t say we cannot customize the look and the feel of the tab.

Flutter and AWS

Endgame ??

Dart Basics (Part-1: Futures)

Originally published at https://ptyagicodecamp.github.io on June 8, 2019.

Designing Flutter prototype for Landing Page

Originally published at https://ptyagicodecamp.github.io on June 3, 2019.

Flutter Provider and Streams

Streams in, streams out…

Simple Notes App With Flutter Part-2

Hello folks! Welcome back! Hope you are all good :)

Flutter Field Validations- The Easy-Peasy

Building an app with a fantastic experience is often a priority for most mobile devs. One of the several ways of creating a beautiful user…

Flutter For Web — Creating Google UI

With great power, comes great responsibility…

Simple Notes App With Flutter Part-1

Its time to make Some Flutter Apps With sqflite database.❤


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