Haikal Pribadi

Engineer at heart, Founder and CEO of Grakn Labs

Tomas Sabat

COO @GraknLabs | Machine Learning, Knowledge Graphs and AI. Passionate about Biotech.

Soroush Saffari

Solution Architect at GRAKN.AI

Latest Posts

Setting up a knowledge base to encode domain knowledge for Rasa

This post is the follow-up of “Integrating Rasa with graph databases”. In this tutorial, you will learn in detail about knowledge bases…

Unsolved Machine Learning Problems That You Can Solve

Machine Learning for Knowledge Graphs is an incomplete and exciting field

Drug Discovery Knowledge Graphs

Combinatorial chemistry has produced a huge amount of chemical libraries and data banks which include prospective drugs. However the…

BioGrakn — New Version Released!

A knowledge graph of biomedical data for precision medicine, text mining and disease networks.

Text Mined Knowledge Graphs — Beyond Text Mining

Text is the medium used to store the tremendous wealth of scientific knowledge regarding the world we live in. However, with its ever…

KGCNs: Machine Learning over Knowledge Graphs with TensorFlow

This project introduces a novel model: the Knowledge Graph Convolutional Network (KGCN), available to use under Apache licence on the…

Building a Chatbot with an Expert System using GRAKN.AI at Deutsche Telekom

Customer support is increasingly handled by chatbots to improve availability, minimise waiting times for the customer…

Modeling & Migrating Big Biological Data with Grakn

Welcome to the multi-omics age of biological big data. Where data about a myriad of biological systems, all interacting with one another…

New Grakn Documentation

We rewrote the Grakn Documentation to provide our community with a more use-case centric learning experience.


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