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When thinking of Mobile Service Design, we not only design intuitive (web) apps for Smartphones, Tablets or Wearables, but for an entire lifestyle. In our publication, we curate the best articles covering the Mobile Lifestyle — written by people that live it.


Independent innovation and service design agency. Forming mobile and context-driven ideas into groundbreaking service innovations.

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Don’t Worry, this is How the Future of Mobile Apps looks like.

We are living in an era dominated by technology, all around us we see people on their smartphones talking to people through social media…

You’re ignoring a crucial aspect of your software — Emotion

There’s a bad habit that we, as an industry, need to shake. We need to stop treating machines like they’re people. Example? I was in a shop…

Free useful tools, websites and design resources that can help with building a better product

According to the fact that all designers aim to build useful and beautiful product I made a list that consists free design resources, blogs…

How To Re-Engage Mobile App Users Without Spending a Dime

Every mobile app has engagement problems. Yes, every. On average, apps lose about 80% of their mobile audience over time. But no one likes…

The Power Of Feedback — How Visual Comments Can Improve User Experience

You are in the market cashing out on the register. You are handling the stuff you bought but the cashier is not looking at you, smiling or…

My new ‘claps’ policy

I’ll be clapping more than once, after all

How Pocket and Medium changed my reading habits ?

Sharing my personal experience

How to Impact Consumer Behaviour with a Help of Color?

The effect of color on user’s behavior can’t be overestimated, especially when it comes to web design. The virtual user can’t touch the…

So What’s New? — iPhones and the Future of Mobile Devices.

While I’m still personally getting adjusted to my iPhone 6+, which was a reasonable replacement from my previously broken iPhone 6, the…


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