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Transformative potential of Microservices in Logistics Industry

When I first moved from working on large, centralised ERP software to decentralised, cloud-based microservices, it was a task getting…

Gamification - Incentivising Blue Collar Workforce

Using games to drive business goals

Web Scraping with Python at Scale (Request, BeautifulSoup, Splash & Tesseract)

With data being at the heart of impactful decision making, web scraping becomes an indispensable tool, especially in the logistics space…

Unlocking Customer Experiences in Logistics

Flawless and Flexible — two words that we believe will define customer expectations in the decade to come.

How E-commerce Logistics Is Transforming The Auto Industry

A recent Deloitte report pegged the Indian logistics industry as one of the fastest growing express industry globally. Growing at a CAGR…

5 Challenges That Are Holding Automotive Supply Chain Back

India is on the verge of becoming the world’s third-largest auto manufacturer by 2020 but unfortunately, India’s logistics cost as a per…

Flipkart-Walmart Deal and What It Means for the Indian Online Retail Sector

Global retail giant Walmart recently acquired 77% stake in Indian e-commerce leader Flipkart for US$16 Bn, making it the world’s largest…

Highlights of Budget 2018 and What It Means for the Logistics Sector

The much awaited budget of 2018 is finally out. Though the implementation of the E-way bill on the same day of the budget announcement may…

5 Trends in Logistics That Are Likely to Dominate in 2018

For the logistics sector, 2018 will be seen as the year to capitalize on the major changes that have taken place in 2017. With new…

Driving Logistics Software Adoption Through User Centricity

In today’s competitive logistics landscape, time, the accuracy of data, real-time communication and visibility are essential. Most…


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