Key to Unlocking the Secrets of Our Universe lies in Outer Regions of Solar System

The Universe as we know of is expanding at a much faster rate than ever. Scientists still haven’t figured out what exactly is causing this rapid increase in expansion in the last decade. Maybe somewhere in the future we might be able to figure it out because of our latest study in the field of dark energy. Researchers believe that this could be the key to unlocking the secrets of our universe.

The key to solving dark energy lies somewhere near the black hole. In fact we don’t have to look that far. The nearest black hole lies in the heart of our galaxy. But in the last couple of months astronomers all around the globe are experiencing some strange phenomenons happening around it. They believe that the black hole has started disintegrating and will burst itself apart in the Future. We cannot observe this phenomenon directly because whenever we see something in space we are actually seeing the events from the past.

So how do we now solve this problem. Well you would be surprised to know that there is actually a black hole lurking somewhere around the edge of our solar system and it isn’t even that light years away far. Earlier Scientists used to believe that the unusual shift in the orbits of our solar system was because of a huge Planet X gravitational field, hiding itself in the darkest regions of the Solar system. But now, the new paper published by Durham University and the University of Illinois in Chicago, suggests that what was previously thought to be an invisible planet on the edge of the Solar System is in fact an ancient black hole. Concerns were raised further when Poland’s Optical Gravitational Lensing Experiment(OGLE) recorded a set of some unusual gravitational anomalies.

So how did it actually came up there. Well Astronomers believe that the black hole is actually so ancient that it was created within the first second after the Big bang, and has somehow been captured by our solar system. This black hole may be of such a small size that it will be very hard to detect by the instruments we currently have today. Maybe if we are lucky, the Voyager 1 spacecraft which is on the journey since the beginning of Space Race by humanity may find it, unless it doesn't get spaghettificated by it first.

If there is actually a black hole in the outer region of the Solar System then we might be able to figure out many things about the black hole which we didn’t consider before. Still it is way too far for us. Maybe in the future we might be able to travel such long distances we never imagined before. Maybe the possibility of an Interstellar mission is soon around the corner and the black hole we are imagining might actually be a wormhole.

But we still have a long way to go in modernizing the space travel. We still haven’t come up with good engineering solutions to reduce the amount of time travelling in space. But we are getting there. Scientists are trying to send an orbiter mission to one of Saturn's moon by using the gravitational slingshot of Jupiter gravity. But that is a story for another time.

Until then, let's sit back and enjoy those sci fi movies while we can because who knows we might get devoured by our very own black hole in the future. The potential existence of a black hole sitting on the edge of the Solar System prompts the question of whether the Earth and surrounding planets will one day drawn inside it. Then again it’s just a theory

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