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At TAB, we're busy building technology experiences for a world where mobile is an expectation, not a device. TAB Edits is where we share selected learnings and highlights. Head to for more.

Antonio Bertossi

Designer, communication enthusiast. Je pense en italien, read French e scrivo in inglese. Product Designer @TheAppBusiness.

Sam Dods

Lead iOS Engineer @ TAB, Edinburgh

Ash Mosaheb

Android Developer @theappbusiness. Google fanboy and technology enthusiast.

Brett Thornton

ITFC. Ale. Coffee. Strategy at TAB.

Jay Clark

Product designer @theappbusiness.

Heather Parker

Product Owner at The App Business. Scientist in a previous life. Amateur musician and avid coffee-drinker.


Latest Posts

Using SwiftUI in production

It’s been a couple of months since Apple announced SwiftUI — a new framework that allows developers to build apps in Swift using…

Xcode Catalyst? One target to rule them all…

At this year’s WWDC, Apple gifted the iOS community with incredible and revolutionary tools that would change the way developers build…

Streamlining your development workflow with Xcode Templates

Developing a new feature can be exciting, but it can also come with a lot of groundwork before you can get to the important stuff…

iOS Pro: Pull-to-Search

Motivation for this series

iOS Pro: Getting to Grips with One Hand

The birth of the iPhone 11 Pro marks the death of one of the iPhone’s most pro features: 3D Touch text editing.

AndroidX BiometricPrompt vs FingerprintManager: the good and the ugly

We are all used to using our fingerprint not just to unlock our Android phone, but also to authenticate purchases in Google Play, lock…

Making UILabel Accessible

When it comes to arguing the benefits of a mobile app vs. a mobile website, it’s pretty easy to sell the advantages of the former, in my…

Jetpack Compose — A point in time

One of the biggest highlights of Google I/O 2019 was the announcement of a new UI Toolkit for Android; named Compose. Heavily inspired by…

Setup a Flutter CI/CD with GitLab CI — Part 5

Scripting the CD pipeline with Fastlane

Setup a Flutter CI/CD with GitLab CI — Part 4

Distributing beta apps to App Center


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