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Gazettely In Gazettely we write about different trending topics, stay tuned for some cool stuff. 0
TechnoMafia The latest technology Updates, tech & Smartphone News. From tech giants like Google, Apple Samsung, Huawei and Dell vying for your attention, TechnoMafia has the latest technology and Smartphone updates of the day. 0
Mindroast Everything and anything regarding fitness and technology 0
Tech Student UK Tech Students UK’s Official Blog 0
LA Blueprint LA Blueprint is a organization at UCLA that strives to make technology accessible and useful for those who assist communities and promote public welfare. 0
Extasius The New Revolutionary Digital Place For Your Writings, Voice, Thoughts, Code, And Stories. 0
Cadre-AI Opinions and Strategies From Experts in AI and How They Impact Industry. 0
Hwa Chong Robotics A place for like-minded and passionate students to explore the intricacies of the field of Robotics. 0
Singularity log Spreading the Future 0
Tech Heiress For all the women in technology, who are working their ways to contribute and make it better. We all are “Tech Heiress”. 0
The Blog of Nikhil Vemu Articles from probably all niches. Some of my works are exclusively published here! 0
Mark G Brown Hey, I’m Mark 👋. I’m a UX Designer in London, I pride myself in being able to create experiences and products that balance people, businesses and technology. 0
Corporatery Corporatery helps techies and analysts understand the irrational world we work in and helps leaders reduce corporate theater in their organizations 0
A Cup of Psyence A collection of evidence-based essays on human psychology, science, UX and technology — curated by C. Maltezou-Papastylianou, with the occasional invited article by other experts. 0
TechifyPro A Team of gadget obsessives here to help you make informed decisions on tech. What to use, what to cancel. What to buy, what to skip 0