Publications tagged `TECHNOLOGY`
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QWNTO Through the light-hearted lens 0
TechPoooh We publish technology related articles. 0
Tech@Bazaar Bazaar is an online marketplace that connects retailers directly with wholesalers and manufacturers. Our mission is to empower millions of small and medium sized retailers who form the backbone of Pakistan’s retail economy. 0
< Angle > A fresh perspective on the past, present, and future 0
The Front Journal A collection of my progress in learning front-end web development. 0
Pieces of Dad A LinkedIn request from my father was the first contact I had had from him in 35 years, prompting me to build an image of him based on second hand stories, faded photos and social media. Fatherhood, relationships and technology. Writer submissions @ 0
EmotionAcademy Emotion Academy is increasing access to social-emotional learning (SEL), a type of learning that grows people’s emotional intelligence and wellbeing, by helping technology companies design experiences that support relationships and emotional intelligence.🌱 0
Geeks Prep This publication contains a few of my thought, and also tutorials. 0
Evolve Insights Evolve Insights is the official publication of EvolveDigital. EvolveDigital is a digital transformation company with a mission to help businesses improve their internal processes, increase their market presence and grow their profitability through technology. 0
Fabrications We tell tales for tomorrow. Life, Science, Space, Tech, and everything that matters 0
Luxembourg Tech School LTS is aimed at 11–19 years old students who are passionate about the digital realm and eager to learn and apply technology in a real business context. 0
Dosa Casual, bite-sized insights on business and technology 0
Diva_Coders Technical Blog for all budding developers, researchers and tech enthusiasts 0
Datascribble A medium publication around Data, Machine Learning and AI 0
Bytecode Digital Agency Bytecode Digital Agency, or Bytecode for short, is a Dutch digital agency specialised in creating platform software for web and mobile applications. At Bytecode we love sharing our knowledge in the form of articles or foss projects. 0