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LaunchCannon LaunchCannon is a 100% independent online magazine bringing reviews & coverage of the best games on console & mobile. To stay updated follow LaunchCannon on Twitter, Instagram YouTube & Twitch @LaunchCannon Youtube link: 0
Philosophy of Entrepreneurship Startups, Product, Engineering, User Experience, Management and everything in between. 0
Windows ground The windows ground blog ( is is a tech news-consumption destination for everyone who is interested in reading tech news, trends, future tech, and hot tech deals. 0
Shane’s Brain Shane’s Brain publication is about tech, money, travel, and anything else that piques my interest. 0
Forward In Time Cogitation is about learning from the world around us and discussing ways to improve as individuals and as a species. We welcome thoughtful, introspective, and positive discussion. If you‘re a friendly person with a curious and constructive nature, this is the place for you. 0
Programmer’s Block Developer’s How-To Guide to keep them on step ahead 0
Blockchain Weekly Blockchain Weekly (BW) captures and condenses the main stories in blockchain technology over a week, while covering other technologies along the way, into a fast and easy digest format. 0
Mindroast Everything and anything regarding technology, software development and innovation. 0
The House Fund A pre-seed and early-stage Venture Capital fund for Berkeley’s boldest startups. 0
CODEWALAS Simplifying Coding! 0
Tech Titan Wise software engineering solutions for genuine problems in tech companies | Crazy ideas to create a future where the line between digital technology and life fades. 0
Ideas2IT Technologies A product engineering company bringing ideas to life 0
TalkHash TalkHash is a technical articles platform. Articles ranging from AWS, Python, Javascript, etc. 0
Business Driver Connected. Automated. Electrified. Shared. Digitized. The biggest disruption in mobility since the assembly line is upon us. This blog offers perspectives, analysis and advice on how the business of moving people will evolve. 0
Art & Technology What the world can learn from engineers and hackers working in the intersection of art and technology. 0