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Secure Meeting As users, our web-activity and data is sold to the highest bidder. Internet giants exist to sell our data, not keep it confidential. Our accounts with Internet video-conferencing giants are for sale. Stop giving up your data. Switch to SecureMeeting and experience complete peace 1
Science & Technology We Curate The Best Content For Science And Technology 1
Food Supply We’re on the mission to empower culinary creators, established and emerging, with the tools to build and the skills to share 1
Lumen R&D Lumen’s tech blog 1
Cloud Everywhere Cloud Everywhere is a publication intended to help tech leaders and practitioners navigate the changing landscape around cloud computing, big data, and everything-as-a-service 1
Ccube (Chirag Chande Codes) I not here to teach coding language but to provide a guidance direction for the approach that is to build for learning any languages. I assure my readers that through my blog they would find answers to their questions and my methods would make their learning simpler. 1
Help LLC Help LLC is a startup still trying to build its way up. Read about how we started and keep up with our journey to greatness. We will have many great stories as well as tips for other small buinssess. Hope you learn something and enjoy our journey. 1
Pernod Ricard Tech Anything that is related to Technology in General at Pernod Ricard. 1
Cloud Forest A Medium publication dedicated to stories about ecosystem diversity, computational sustainability, business agility and ethical leadership. 1
The Skiplevel Program The Skiplevel Publication shares tips on becoming more technical, technical skills and knowledge, and product management. Visit for more. 1
Stellar Sapien A Journey to becoming Stellar Sapiens — Collection of radical thoughts and first principles on Evolution, Technology, and absolute Freedom! 1
LA Blueprint LA Blueprint is a organization at UCLA that strives to make technology accessible and useful for those who assist communities and promote public welfare. 1
nyckelai Nyckel allows you to create custom functions from your own data. It only takes minutes and you don’t need to know anything about Machine Learning. Once created, your functions can be invoked using our secure and scalable API. Visit us at 1
Code Direct Code Direct is medium publication, focus on ideas, concepts and experiences about the tools used. 1
PeopleStrong Technology Blog Discuss engineering, product and people behind PeopleStrong technology team. How we leverage technology to build a world class B2B SaaS product out of India. 1