Publications tagged `TECHNOLOGY`
Name Followers
Digital Ideas Stories about future, artificial intelligence, technology-driven economics, design and thinking. 1
SecuritasDirect Technology and innovation behing our products and services to be a leading provider of professionally monitored security solutions. 1
Emtrica Sustainability Tech 1
The Discipulus Stories on Academia, Technology and More 1
The Connected Age Topics about advancing society from a digital age towards a truly connected age using the power of distributed and decentralized data, information, and knowledge access 1
Create In Public An inside look of the business decisions and technical details that go into building a project. 1
Gamma Waves Gamma waves are the fastest brain waves — they occur when you’re highly alert and conscious. Especially, while you experience joy and satisfaction coming from doing the work you absolutely love and which leads to realization of your full potential. 1
Mindware Engineering Publication about mindfulness software engineering 1
Tech Cleanse Targeted advertising, suggested links, mobile notifications, social media content. These are just a few things driven by advanced AI models that influence our daily lives. If they aren’t taken seriously and approached responsibly, they have the potential to cause serious harm. 1
The Reality Files Extended reality expert Aki Järvinen reads and summarises technology research for your perusal. 1
Thousand Twenty Four Technology and Internet. 1
Based on Science This publication is a publication with articles that are based on real science. 1
Code Undefined simple to follow code tutorials 1
Alfred P. Sloan Foundation Alfred P. Sloan Foundation is a not-for-profit foundation that funds research and education in science, technology, engineering, mathematics and economics. 1
the square of none Just writing what comes to mind 0