Publications tagged `TECHNOLOGY`
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How We Get To Next A magazine of the future — because we believe the future matters now. Get in touch: 45,393
AndroidPub The Pub(lication) for Android & Tech, focused on Development 42,726
Magenta For people who think about the relationship between people, technology, and design like it's their job. Editor: Belinda Lanks. 37,081
Endless A conversation about money, behavior and decentralization. 32,562
Noteworthy - The Journal Blog The official Journal blog 25,830
Angular Blog The latest news and tips from the Angular team 25,640
Code for America Blog Writing and thinking about government that works for people, by people, in the 21st century. 21,957
Hackster Blog The developer community for learning, programming, and building hardware. 16,949
A Cloud Guru Stories from our cloud computing community 16,913
Sidewalk Talk Where technologists and urbanists discuss the future of cities. 16,268
MIT MEDIA LAB News, ideas, and goings-on from the Media Lab community 16,156
RE: Write Thoughts and stories from Studio, a product design masters program at CU Boulder, dedicated to re:working, re:designing and re:imagining the world of design and technology. 15,922
MIT Technology Review MIT Technology Review 15,705
Haptical Awesome things you need to know about virtual reality and augmented reality. 14,988
Box Insights Digital Business trends & Updates on Box and Customers 14,821