Publications tagged `TECHNOLOGY`
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Futures Protocol A GDP-Driven Trust-less Monetary EcoSystem 124
Cermati Tech The technology and the people behind it 120
Criptext Quite possibly the most private email service ever. 120
By Digiti Digiti — Making our clients successful by giving people a unique digital experience 120
Conatus: A Transmedial Microessay Journal Conatus: A Transmedial Microessay Journal is the print-era theory journal in 21st century podcast form. It features brief audio-essays, text-essays, and lectures + commentary, which engage emerging social formations and cultural objects via theoretical and conceptual lenses. 119
Autotrader & Carsguide Engineering Product and Engineering at Autotrader/Carsguide. 118
Kenshoo's Engineering Blog Technology News & Stories from Kenshoo Engineering 117
Iqoqo Engineering Things we learn on our way 117
Blockstreet HQ The Beginner’s Guide to the Digital Economy 117
Invisible: Reports Reports. 115
Techfestival 2019 Documenting the ideas at Techfestival 2019 114
Knowable Magazine The real-world significance of scholarly work, with forays into wonder and awe. A journalistic endeavor from nonprofit publisher Annual Reviews. 112
Journey To Mastery A collection of blog posts by Brian Tan on productivity and self-development. 110
Udacity Google India Scholars Created by the students of ‘Udacity Google India Scholarship’ program. The publication features diverse set of articles, tutorials as well as stories written by the students. 109
Beyond Beyond is a design company. We accelerate transformative customer experiences, using design and technology to create beautiful experiences that transform the world around us. LDN / NYC / SFO / ATX 108