Publications tagged `TECHNOLOGY`
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EthereumGaming Exploring the gaming sector on the Blockchain. Mainly focused on Ethereum. 11
The Raabithole Musings on life, entertainment, and technology. Note: opinions expressed do not necessarily represent the views of the author in the future. 11
The Benchmark A publication by The Center for Growth and Opportunity at Utah State University 11
The Austin Forum on Technology & Society Engaging and informing people in #ATX and beyond about the importance and impact of #tech on #society to stimulate conversations, collaborations, and innovations. Check us out at! 10
The Teachers Write. Stories of Innovation, Technology, and Personal Growth in the Classroom 10
BeyondTheCornerOffice Nerd Stuff 10 A Content Blog That's All About Passion and Proactivity. Explore articles ranging from business and entrepreneurship to storytelling and self-growth. 10
The REDHILL Review Strategic insights from REDHILL, a global communications agency. 10
Millar + Howard Workshop An award-winning architect practice based in the Cotswolds. We work closely and collaboratively with clients to understand their requirements and then meet these in exciting, beautiful and imaginative ways. 9
Latent Quantifying unstructured data for the world 9
Just A.I. Simple and Reliable Solutions for Scalable Businesses 9
Speaking frankly Week(-ish) blog series where I deep-dive on interesting technologies from research and beyond. 9
inturn-eng Inturn Engineering Team 8
Built Horizons Alternatives for Architecture 8
Adjoint We’ve created Uplink to simplify and control enterprise processes — enforcing secure risk management workflows. 7