Publications tagged `TECHNOLOGY`
Name Followers
Tanda Product Team Building the world’s #1 Workforce Success platform 85
Disrupt Every once in a while, a new technology, an old problem, and a big idea turn into an innovation. 83
LXDX The crypto institutional exchange. 83
DeCodeIN The intersection where technology meets consumers 82
Artificial Industry Co-pilot on your digital journey 82 The best from Design, Tech and Business for all things Startup. You’ll love it… 82
Lattice Product Development Publication about design, business, technology… 82
Hacks/Hackers London Journalism x technology, London style. Hashtag: #HHLdn 81
Cristina Pozzi Ethics of Emerging Technologies and the Future 81
WarsawJS We talk about JavaScript. Every month in Warsaw, Poland. 80
Ivey FinTech: Perspectives Canada's Leading FinTech Club 79
Growing Into UX Join me for valuable weekly insights on what it takes to become a UX designer, as well as latest trends happening in the field. 79
FnPlus Community FnPlus is a blended, peer learning platform driven by self-organizing micro-communities. We are on a mission to bridge the skill-gap using Informal learning strategies like project-based learning which also promotes soft-skills like collaboration, empathy, and innovation. 79
Stories from Sunstone This is a collection of blog posts published by the Sunstone team as well as founders from our portfolio companies. 79
REDACT News and Anlysis : The Fine Print 78