Publications tagged `TECHNOLOGY`
Name Followers
ACM VIT A publication to know about recent technologies that are being implemented and get your hands on exclusive tech articles/tutorials. 64
EDGE OF INNOVATION Exploring the cutting edge of emerging technologies and responsible innovation 64
Learning Matters Written for and by inspired educators 64
Norigin Media Tech Blog The wonderful blog of NoriginMedia Engineers 64
Vincit Passionate Software Development & Design Company 62
Programming Society Gazette All things computer science being done by the members of the programming society at IIIT-Bh 62
The Benchmark A publication by The Center for Growth and Opportunity at Utah State University 61
The Internationalist's Journal TIJ brings together experts to decode the complexities of the modern world on a range of topics relating to international affairs, business & economics and technology. TIJ believes that in all things, we are greater than the sum of our parts. 61
Foreword Powerful ideas for a new politics in the digital age | @thefourthgroup's media platform: | Ass. Editor Sofia Galanek | 61
Applied High-performance network software and design 60
EthereumGaming Exploring the gaming sector on the Blockchain. Mainly focused on Ethereum. 59
SUPERTEAM Our mission is to empower founders with the necessary technical foundation to save you time and money as you get started with your project. Let’s Grow Together! 58
Creative Technology Concepts & Code find, learn, share 56
Humanity Sparks A publication with research into venture strategy and venture capital investment, and into the interconnection between the future of humanity and technological advancement. Always on the lookout for technological, cultural and business trends that underline new opportunities. 53
Nine Publishing’s Product & Technology Team Stories from the makers of what’s next at The Sydney Morning Herald, The Age and The Australian Financial Review 53