Publications tagged `TECHNOLOGY`
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The FaithTech Institute A digital home for authors and learners critically pondering the intersection of faith and technology. 3
The Quasi Luddite A quasi luddite helping others navigate their relationship with the digital world. 3
Streamplate This is the most sophisticated food-ordering app ever. Welcome to the choices you never had before. This is your table mate. 3
Cyberbabble Authoring creative content for digital denizens of our world. Cyberbabble brings about the intersection of tech, entertainment, life, and culture. 3
Mass Forces Media & Culture in the mix. 3
Avail Avail works with you to observe changes in your mood, energy, stress, sleep quality and more, and then suggests personalized action plans and support resources to help you improve your well-being and be your best you. 3
Functionally App Helping companies to scale without breaking. 2
Josh Cowls Writing about the ethics of data and AI; political communication; civic technology; food. 1
These Unanswered Questions Thoughts on navigating the world through better design 1
Rotate The blog of Digital agency Rotate° 1
Who is Generation Z? Stay up to date on the latest on Generation Z and politics, the economy, jobs, education, technology, health, and relationships. 0
Axiom Communications Axiom Communications provides engaging, fact-driven marketing and technical writing services for businesses, non-government organizations, and educational institutions. 0