Publications tagged `TECHNOLOGY`
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Blockforce Capital Blog We are a financial technology firm that offers innovative products in the blockchain and cryptocurrency industry 66
Foreword Powerful ideas for a new politics in the digital age | @thefourthgroup's media platform: | Ass. Editor Sofia Galanek | 66
The Unit We partner with you to design the future, collaborating to launch, evolve and grow amazing businesses. 66
Alexandria Science The e-magazine of science, from astronomy to zoology 65
FinBox FinBox powers digital lending businesses of NBFCs and banks. 65
Programming Society Gazette All things computer science being done by the members of the programming society at IIIT-Bh 64
The Internationalist's Journal TIJ brings together experts to decode the complexities of the modern world on a range of topics relating to international affairs, business & economics and technology. TIJ believes that in all things, we are greater than the sum of our parts. 64
Iress From the people behind Iress technology 64
Sage Developer Blog Blogs from the hustlers, hackers, and builders of the Sage ecosystem 64
LEARNFAZZ PPL Fasilkom UI 2019 Team B4’s Blog 62
GROUP OF HUMANS Contributions from a distributed, curated network of the best Designers, Strategists, Technologists and Creatives in the world. 62 I study, advise and invest in network effect based startups 62
ubcscience Focus: Stories from the Faculty of Science at the University of British Columbia 62
Atlas City Atlas City is the team building Catalyst Network, a distributed network that works in the real world. 61
Invested LA Austin Clements writings on venture capital 61