Publications tagged `TECHNOLOGY`
Name Followers Connect the dots 36
likeutopiamusic We believe in unlocking the music industry’s full potential by unifying it all in one holistic space. We call it Utopia — Where music lives. 36
Tally The world’s first automated debt manager 36
Gebeya Inc. A Pan African Ed Tech and online Marketplace company that nurtures African tech talents and outsources them to continental and global clients. 35
Seamfix Engineering Get to know us. Our stunning engineers, the technologies we love and how we make the world a better place 35
4mation Technologies Stories, thoughts, insights, and arguments about all things Digital from the brains at 4mation 35
Upside Team Blog Our goal is to be the best travel company on earth. Our strategy is our culture. 35
GROUP OF HUMANS Contributions from a distributed, curated network of the best Designers, Strategists, Technologists and Creatives in the world. 35
The Compendia Project Investigative Journalism Exposing A Corrupt Machine 35
Buckham & Duffy Insights Articles on digital transformation and insights into the technologies of tomorrow. 34
AngelHub Hong Kong’s first regulated startup investment platform for professional investors and global startups raising growth capital. 34
The Engine We are a home for Tough Tech founders building the next generation of world-changing companies. Visit us at 33
Qlue Smart City Qlue Smart City Publications 33
Fair for Dealers Fair is a new way for consumers to get cars on their phone. And for dealers it’s a way to effortlessly increase velocity on pre-owned inventory — at zero cost. Learn more at 33
AO’s Engineering blog Our award-winning IT team pride themselves on developing better tomorrows for both our customers and our people. AO’s engineering blog shares our experience during the assessment of new and emerging technologies. 32