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PayScale Tech PayScale Tech 28
Tedium A twice-a-week newsletter that hunts for the end of the long tail. We’re featuring highlights from Tedium on Medium—be sure to check out our website for more. 28
Films from the Future Snips, clips, and insights, from the forthcoming book Films from the Future: The Morality and Technology of Sci-Fi Movies (available now for pre-order) 27
Airy ♥ Science Airy’s Technical Blog About Science, Engineering, Pizza 27
Software Tidbits Information about software spanning languages to best practices. 27
Memsource Engineering Blog Gifted engineers sharing their knowledge, best practices, and ideas. 27
Digital Earth Digital Earth is a global research network of artists and scholars who map out, picture, and grasp how technology in the 21st century shapes geopolitics. 27
Helix Foundation A world based on Consensus 26
Chaud Chaud is dedicated to explaining relevant market updates and economic trends that impact the early-stage and growth technology ecosystems. 26
STEMpedia STEMpedia is a venture built to practice, profess and propagate STEM Education. We are your one stop solution for hardware, software, tutorials, courses and much more! 26
Bannersnack Our mission is to enable anyone to create professional visuals in an efficient and easy way. 26
Kaartje2go Tech @ Kaartje2go 26
MEDLab Media Enterprise Design Lab @ CU Boulder / 26
The Daily Insight A community of writers discussing new ideas every day. Keep up with them all here. 26
YipitData Engineering Stories from the engineers at YipitData 26