Publications tagged `TECHNOLOGY`
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Neat Hobby! Comics for weary Gen-Xers by Scott Andrew 18
tech-that-works Tech blog for sharing concepts, ideas, experience and issues faced by the author, for a variety of tasks ranging from NLP to Image processing. 18
Sutherlandgold Sutherlandgold’s blog for all things creative, inspirational, and interesting 18
This Is My Tech Violating Your Narrative 18
Push Doctor Helping people see a doctor online and get the help they need in minutes. 18
Helms Media Business and media solutions for the future. 17
ImagineLearning Imagine Learning edtech production team, passionate software and systems for language, literacy, and math instruction for all students from Pre-K up! 17
ml5js Friendly Machine Learning for the Web. ml5.js aims to make machine learning approachable for a broad audience of artists, creative coders, and students. 17
Science First Science First is a science news resource that prioritizes clear, concise and accurate science reporting. We care about science and science communication. 17
Trabian Design and rapid prototyping for human-centered, values-based financial technology. We believe doing is one of the best forms of thinking. 17
Univers Labs Creative and Digital Agency - All Work and All Play. Websites, data visualisation, bespoke platforms, mobile apps, website animation, strategy. Oxford & London UK. 17
Teknik Gaming and technology news 16
Learning Economy Dedicated to solving the global skills gap. 16
High Tech Accessible By an enthusiast, for everyone: making intimidating computing topics accessible for all. 16
Brightspark Ventures Brightspark is one of Canada’s top performing venture capital firms, investing in exceptional entrepreneurs and producing unprecedented returns for investors since 1999. 16