Publications tagged `TECHNOLOGY`
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inturn-eng Inturn Engineering Team 21
Aeturnum Aeturnum is a software services organization based in Boston, USA 21
ml5js Friendly Machine Learning for the Web. ml5.js aims to make machine learning approachable for a broad audience of artists, creative coders, and students. 21
The Bitcoin Times Facts over Fiction. Practice over Theory. Timeless, Limited edition content, news, & information on Bitcoin. 21
Pareture A personal Software Engineering & DevOps technical blog. 20
Ledger Investing Engineering, Data Visualization and Finance 20
Latent Smart search engine for opinionated comments. With colloquial localization to Southeast Asia, for enterprises and influential individuals to manage strategic and reputation risks. IG: T: 20
Convershaken Shake up your conversation with commentary and analysis of the biggest news stories 20
Frankly speaking Week(-ish) blog series where I deep-dive on interesting technologies from research and beyond. 20
TechStreet Everything related to Technology, Business and Financial Markets. 20
Digital Stories Digital and analog science stories written by Martin Vetterli in collaboration with Mirko Bischofberger, Henri Dubois-Ferrière and Paolo Prandoni 20
FOOD+ journal Stories about food, restaurants, chefs, and all that stirs the palate, the mind and the imagination. 19
SciStory 2.0 Science beyond the hype 19
devform latest news in technology 19
Arkwright X Arkwright X is the place for aspiring startups to innovate and develop. We accelerate your journey to success through a pre-seed capital injection, top quality working environment, strategy sparring & advice, and access to Arkwright’s extensive network 19