Publications tagged `TECHNOLOGY`
Name Followers
Lead and Paper All about journalism, by an average European millennial 8
Bank Policy Institute The Bank Policy Institute (BPI) is a nonpartisan research and advocacy group representing the nation’s leading banks. 8
Realists The society as it is, is it really telling the story the way it should? Are we telling the stories the way they ought to be told or are we hiding behind cover? 8
CashPositive Perspectives and insights from 7
Pure Randomness A little bit of everything 7
Frogplum Solutions Frogplum is a Vancouver based tech company that specializes in web and mobile application development. Frogplum also specializes in social media marketing. 7
Emanuele Sicurella Innovation enthusiast. Interested in Computational Neuroscience. 7
Norrøna Stories from our people on their mission to create the world’s greatest outdoor products 7
PayLead Sharing stories, ideas and team thoughts 7
dayta We build artificial intelligence for brighter future. 7
Jukko The advertising platform for the purpose-driven brand revolution. 6
Kyron Baxter Lifelong geek. Professional Apple fanboy. 6
CultureTech Notes Sharing new ideas about Art & Culture. 6
Ab.Tech Discussing insights and strategy in the tech space 6
DTB Carbyne Tech builders — focused on Africa @ 6