Publications tagged `TECHNOLOGY`
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Bleeding Into Reality Thoughts on Accelerationism, The Stack, Ambient Computing, IOT and Information Security 15
AI and the Future of Work Keeping you informed on the latest news in the world of HR emerging technology and how AI is impacting the Future of Work. 15
The Entrepreneur Life Helping business owners live their best lives. 15
The Lotus Fruit The gateway to the clandestine corners of the internet. Insights on the manifestations of art+design, technology+security, where humans fit into the equation, and how it shapes the future. 15
Invoca Engineering Blog Invoca is a SaaS company helping marketers optimize for the most important step in the customer journey: the phone call. 14
The Fiery Freelancer Covering freelancing and related topics. Opinions on latest tech and business trends included at no extra charge. Founded in 2009… 14
Beam Log Entries Berlin-based company builder with a bias for logistics and technical challenges. Supported by BEUMER Group 14
Galileo Onwards Notes on philosophy, art, computer science, among other things. 14
BBC Future Making you smarter, every day. 14
Technology: Past Present, and Future A publication looking at the history and progress of technology. 13
IEEE SB KUET Regional Publication. 13
Josh Software Innovation & Disruption is the way we change the game 13
nascentdigital The official Nascent blog. 13
LogoGrab Welcome to LogoGrab’s blog. We build the world’s highest-quality technology to identify brands in images and videos. 13
ID:EA Certificate A publication created and managed by students of the ID:EA certificate program. 13