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Who is Generation Z? Stay up to date on the latest on Generation Z and politics, the economy, jobs, education, technology, health, and relationships. 2
Rotate The blog of Digital agency Rotate° 2
Coding for Sapiens Coding for Sapiens is a human discussion group focused on coding core concepts, beyond any language, but English-speaking. We talk about design patterns, tricky algorithms, development approaches, coding styles, interfaces, user experience or anything that we can commit to git. 2
The Salary Project Data-driven insights on how companies pay 2
T.E.C.H Essays on Technology, Media and the Internet of Things 1
The Interlock Reporting the Future of Safety Critical Technology. 1
Cracklord Blockchain, finances and tech from the crack den. 1
Webby Giants Creative Web Services Agency 1
Axiom Communications Axiom Communications provides engaging, fact-driven marketing and technical writing services for businesses, non-government organizations, and educational institutions. 1
Geekers Keep Discussions on everything nerd and geek. 1
S.T.O.P. Surveillance Technology Oversight Project 1
Halfwit to Hero Learn by doing. Lessons in tech, with hands-on labs. 1
These Unanswered Questions Thoughts on navigating the world through better design 1
Humans and the Machine Humans, Social Media, and Technology 1
Flock Social Flock Social is the fastest growing Instagram management service. 1