Publications tagged `TECHNOLOGY`
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LogoGrab Welcome to LogoGrab’s blog. We build the world’s highest-quality technology to identify brands in images and videos. 13
ID:EA Certificate A publication created and managed by students of the ID:EA certificate program. 13
billsalak Opinions on technology and stuff. I reserve the right to contradict myself. 13
TechNest Tutorials and tips for developers. 13
The Collider blog Where climate stories are told. 13
Incognito by Metomic Articles from Metomic’s blog: demystifying data ethics, privacy, and technology 13
unified-engineering Engineers and data scientists building the next generation of tools for social media marketing analytics. 13
Popular Privacy Cultural context on the intersection of privacy, technology & policy 13
Koderunners We believe in Open Source, Open Education and Open Innovations 12
Engineering Insights A series of engineering articles by STRV | 12
Utility Warehouse Blog proving an insight into the working environment here at Utility Warehouse, information around our opensource projects and events. 12
Streamplate This is the most sophisticated food-ordering app ever. Welcome to the choices you never had before. This is your table mate. 12
Data, Tech and The Universe I have a Podcast called— Data, Tech and The Universe. In this podcast I discuss the real-life manifestation of the data and technology around us. And a bit about Universe. Listen to the podcast at via any of your Podcast apps 12
The Arcade Making you smarter about video games and interactive media. 12
EthexBet Fair and fun crypto ETH Lottery! is truly reliable and decentralized gambling game. Guess the symbols of a real, upcoming Ethereum block hash and win the jackpot! 12