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Webby Giants Creative Web Services Agency 1
Polaris Partners Perspectives Updates and perspective from the team at Polaris Partners, an investment firm with a 20-plus-year history of partnering with repeat entrepreneurs and world-class innovators who are improving the way we live and work. 1
S.T.O.P. Surveillance Technology Oversight Project 1
These Unanswered Questions Thoughts on navigating the world through better design 1
Humans and the Machine Humans, Social Media, and Technology 1
Flock Social Flock Social is the fastest growing Instagram management service. 1
IoHB News The future of medicine. 1
The Interlock Reporting the Future of Safety Critical Technology. 1
Ideas That Matter We care about what really matters. A lot matters — we get that. Whether it’s personal productivity or finance, public policy, culture and society, or technology. We love what matters to you, to your family and to the world. Join us for the ride! 1
Cracklord Blockchain, finances and tech from the crack den. 1
Navancio Building Technologies of The Future 1
Sizolution AI-powered size recommendation engine for fashion e-commerce 1
Sciant IT and Software Development Services Company 1
CromeKohlr: random news on technology, innovation and design For woandering minds seeking discovery 1
My Tech Roadmap There is nothing absolutely right and absolutely wrong, all we have is something in between. 1