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Marvelous Foresight A lab where we explore the future | By 0
Death By Tech Jon Watson’s ramblings about a lifetime and career in technology. 0
The Extra Screw The Medium publication for 0
Window Seat Musings Personal publication about learnings in career & technology, passions and perspective on life. Curated by Prashi Badkur 0
aaronjpitty Tech ramblings of a DevOps Engineer 0
theabbie Playing with life since 2 0
zaya Creating a global movement to transform the future of healthcare delivery. See what we’re up to at 0
WP Kraken We spent years creating WordPress themes and plugins. Now we’re ready to share what we’ve learned. 0
Steven’s Soapbox of Salient Suppositions A jumbled collection of thoughts and queries from a curious college character 0
Greentech Identifying technology that has the potential to create a much better world. 0 Tech Fruit is a Technology and lifestyle site which provides high-quality news, updates, wisdom and tips with the greater good of society in mind. The main mission of Tech Fruit is to cover curated updates from around the world and help increase readership 0
Remotely-Interested Content about people, culture and technology from content providers with a wealth of experience in their chosen areas of interest. 0
Consequential Podcast Focusing on the human side of technological change. 0
The Glitcher Everything under the Computer science 0
Bizlab Technologies News, Reviews, and Advice on IT Solutions; All you need for computing the latest Technologies and Trends. Get your hands on the newest products and if they are right for you. 0