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Politics + AI Insight and opinion on how artificial intelligence is changing politics, policy, and governance 1,126 Technology advice, technical decisions, Startup stacks 1,110
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Rocket Fuel Exploring the universe of connected devices to help brands discover new customer experiences. 932
Analytics for Humans We examine how technologies can work with humans to create a brighter future for everyone. To that end, we showcase augmented analytics tools we are building to bring us closer to that vision. Beta test our AI-powered marketing analytics tool for free: 926
The Connection Domain7 explores people-centric design, and the interplay of technology, empathy and connection. Learn more about us at 925
Torch We are helping designers unlock the power of 3D for Augmented and Virtual Reality. 881
B&B Stories The Bakken & Bæck blog 873
Equal Future Social justice & technology. 858
Render-from-betaworks Ideas and Observations from betaworks 818
8VC News 8VC seeks to enable industry transformation. In a wave of creative destruction, we believe emerging platforms will replace the decades old technology infrastructure behind many industries, promoting greater innovation and global prosperity. 770