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Learning to Feed the World Discovering ideas and making connections in food and agriculture to learn how we can feed more people, better. 1
milooproject Miloo Project adalah sebuah platform gerakan pemenuhan skill anak muda. Disini kita akan belajar dunia Hacker, Hipster, dan Hustler. Ikuti info setiap kegiatannya di Instagram @miloo.project agar kita bisa sama-sama membangun SDM yang maju. 1
fivecodedevelopment Five Code Development is a software house, focused on software development like web application, mobile application, and desktop application 1
staminacake An educative initiative for tech professionals 1
Tech Up Tech Up aims to reveal the bigger picture of our world by making complicated topics easy to understand, often through a narrative lens. Interested in the stretching of minds, Tech Up podcast is here to educate and inspire the thinkers in us. 1
dbunkd You ever read something like a conspiracy theory and wonder if it’s true? That’s what we’re here for. We uncover reality behind stories by every word. 1
Tech Right Now Tech news, opinions and posts. 1
Pigeonholes Stories for people who love a great story 1
Kinzoo Kinzoo is more than a messenger — it’s where family memories are made. Kids, parents and loved ones come together on this single private platform to share experiences that wouldn’t otherwise exist. 1
Pluscode Pluscode provide technological and business services for startups and small and medium-sized companies. 1
MyFavoriteGear Reviews of the physical stuff I carry or use on a regular basis, from Swiss Army Knives to watches to television remote controls. These reviews reflect the best money I’ve ever spent. 1
the square of none Just writing what comes to mind 0
Susmitha Burra Product Manager, Techie, Foodie and Traveller 0
CameraForensics Our technology indexes imagery across the web to match online and offline personas, in an effort to guide investigators in the retrieval of vital intelligence. 0
Waseem D. Ezzie Work Sample Portfolio 0