Publications tagged `TECHNOLOGY`
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letsprep We help fresher in placements with the help of AI and letsprep courses 4
Auedbaki | Hackers Choice Exploit the information world with extreme knowledge of hacking and programming. 4
Groftware Sharing what we’ve learned, as we go on this journey to change the world of business using software. 4
Technology Today Tutorials on software development, analytics, web and mobile development, SEO, and other technology related tutorials 4
kidlets Kids, family, and better living through technology. 4
The PEN Point Sharing simplified realities through naive cognizance 4
PYD.Studio Covering the intersection of comics, podcasting, online learning, experience and graphic design. 4
we’re here too We’re here too is a new publication designed to give young adults a platform to share their voice. We are a generation full of innovative ideas, extraordinary creativity, and a passion for the truth. 4
Basic Brown Nerds We’re tired of being a model minority and taking back our narrative We just want brunch & build empires, and live in our truth 4
Torque Considering the world in an analytical, engineering mindset 4
Agents of DISRUPT Short story hopepunk fiction with cool technology and humor in the cartoonish future of Big City. Would you connect your mind to the cloud? Would you ride a flying jetbike through perilous missions for fun and profit? Do you want to prevail over villainy? Yes? Get in the car! 4
Cotter Build a One-Tap Passwordless Authentication with Cotter. Find guides, tutorials, and best practices about authentication to help you build a frictionless and secure login in just a few lines of code. 4
Elma Health At Elma, we believe healthcare has much more to do with staying healthy than with healing illness. 4
The Latest Technology The Latest Technology includes quality articles about the latest in technology. Technology is ever changing, and we feature writers and articles which write about the latest products from companies like Apple, Samsung, Dell, LG, and more! If you love technology, this is for you! 4
Luke Stories Hi, I’m Luke, an AI personal real estate expert. I help renters and buyers make better decisions using data and human intelligence. For free. Join me in my journey to change the way real estate works. 4