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Basketball is my favorite sport, I like the way John Wall dribbles up and down the court

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I like basketball and movies

Latest Posts

This Is Keanu Reeves’ World (And We’re All Just Living In It)

Keanu is everywhere today in popular culture. Tej Narayanan writes on the omniprescence of Mr. Wick

The NBA Is Awesome Again

In the span of two weeks, the NBA has been turned upside down, with massive moves across the league. And now, the league is in the best…

What’s UP: The Bachelorette’s Birds and Bees

Ethan Fore breaks down every moment of Monday night’s episode of The Bachelorette, featuring a pivotal Fantasy Suites week.

MLB Dog Days: Are Baseballs Using Performance-Enhancing Drugs?

During Monday’s Home Run Derby, Vladimir Guerrero Jr. put on a performance for the ages. In three rounds, he crushed a record 91 home runs…

Mason Ramsey Is The Hero We Need

But is he the one we deserve? Regardless, NGL tries to fully capture the cultural phenomena known as Walmart Yodeling Kid

Where Are Horror Movies Going?

Given recent trends, the horror industry may be undergoing a big overhaul. Pinpointing where it’s headed, though, is a difficult exercise.

Whistles Ep. 2: Dealing With Adversity

On the second episode of whistles, the Crew gets together with their ‘producer in the corner’ Nate, to discuss their Transitions to…

What’s UP: Baseball Still Matters

Ryan Coleman and Ethan Fore look back on the first half of the MLB season, from outstanding rookies to ridiculous home runs.

US Women’s Soccer Deemed “Cocky & “Arrogant”? Thank Goodness No Champion Has Ever Acted Like This

On Sunday, the United States Women’s National Team won their fourth World Cup title, beating the Netherlands 2–0. The game was an exciting…

MLB’s Dog Days: The Baseball Community Mourns the Death of Tyler Skaggs

For the past week, baseball fans across the country, but particularly in Los Angeles have had to cope with the unexpected death of Angels’…


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