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How Storyblocks successfully managed the transition from a single developer to Product & Engineering teams of over 25 and growing

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Aaron Silverman

VP Engineering at @StoryblocksCO. Past: @DoodleOrDie, @Opower, @APTtestAndLearn. DC transplant to beautiful Ouray, CO. Husband. Father. Private pilot. Climber.

Mathias Hansen

Father & married to the lovely @mjwhansen. Lead Software Engineer at Storyblocks. Co-founded Geocodio, Pixelbug, and Capital Laravel Group

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What do dogs, Pokemon, and Raspberry Pi have in common? Nothing, until this year at Storyblocks.

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Using Mob Testing to Improve Our Product & Bridge Communication Gaps

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Four considerations when designing your organization

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7 Steps to Hiring 10x Engineers

It’s not possible to build a great team without great people. Steve Jobs says it best:

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The LAN Stack: Going 100% Serverless

With the release of Amazon Aurora Serverless, which recently went into public beta, you can now build a standard web app which is 100%…


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