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Walmart Labs

Using technology, data and design to change the way the world shops. @WalmartLabs

Claude Jones

WalmartLabs - Sr. Director of Engineering. Practical Leadership Guy. Motivational Speaker. Life Coach.

Jenn Drago Ericksen

internal communications @WalmartLabs | family focused | fashion obsessed | tech lover | eternal optimist | comms junkie

Shane Chapman

Staff Engineer WalmartLabs — Take things apart that aren’t broke and fix them

José Arzuaga

Engineering Leader - Working on Web Platforms. Passionate about web performance, scalable architectures and music (not in that order 😉 )

Anthony Tang

Leading the experimentation platform team at WalmartLabs building Expo, the A|B testing platform for Walmart.

Latest Posts

Resiliency Doctor – A tool to achieve resiliency in hybrid cloud application ecosystems

We detailed our journey to achieving resiliency and some of our lessons learned during the transition in the previous post. But resiliency…

Random Forests for Store Forecasting at Walmart Scale

Written by Sucheta Jawalkar, John Bowman

Swamping and Masking in Anomaly detection: How Subsampling in Isolation Forests helps mitigate…

Isolation Forests achieve high anomaly detection performance with high efficiency with a very small subsampling size unlike most of the…

Internship Experience with Walmart Labs,India.

Interning with Walmart labs, one of the biggest monster of eCommerce industry was like a dream everyone desires to live some day. Summers…

The Power of an Invisible Leader

“Invisible threads are the strongest ties.” - Friedrich Nietzsche

A Framework for Prototype Fidelity

When preparing a prototype for research, or any evaluation, we often can’t make everything work like it would in the final product. When…

High Availability Kafka Service in Microsoft Azure Cloud

Apache Kafka® is a distributed streaming platform and high availability can be achieved by proper configuration settings in most of the…

5 Minute DevOps: Effective Testing

For anyone wishing to master CI/CD, there are few areas of study more important than the effective use of metrics and testing.

Cost Orchestration at Walmart

A critical component at Walmart or any ecommerce store is data. One particular aspect of that data is the data related to the items that…

Pesky Old-Style Macro Popups — Advanced Maldoc Techniques

Author: Carrie Roberts (@OrOneEqualsOne)


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