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Daniela Matos de Carvalho

Full-stack Developer @YLDio, @requirelx organiser, @hapijs (bossy) lead maintainer, photography amateur and origami fan :D

Carlos Vilhena

VP Engineering @YLDio

Tom Gallacher

🏎️🛣️🚴👨‍💻🍺. Linux performance privateer & DevOps extraordinaire, Often seen happily writing code without any knowledge of his surroundings. @YLDio

Ray Brooks

As Principal Consultant at YLD.io, I help companies run successful technology projects.

Joaquim Serafim

#javascript addicted, #nodejs geek doing mad science with #raspberrypi

Julie-Laure Coassin

Speak Frenglish. Principal Consultant @YLDio. Tech junkie. Sports freak. Healthy lifestyle. Wine lover. Globe-trotter. Bikini all year round!

Fábio Oliveira

This is all I have to say about me in 47 chars.

Sam Galson

Software Engineer at YLD, connoisseur of curiosities.

Pieter Raubenheimer

Software product thinker-builder.

Nuno Campos

Making things at @yldio. “that most limited of all specialists, the well-rounded man”

Latest Posts

Making the “YLD Happy Police” Slack Bot

Engaging in conversation is one of the core principles when building and maintaining a remote culture! It is then intuitive to say that…

Coming clean on software ‘scalability’

3 categories to lead you to more explicit assumptions

Service Mesh’in with Istio

One of the most popular topics back in Kubecon Barcelona was Service Mesh. Let’s take a dive into Istio and some of the tools around it.

Machine Learning for Developers

Or knowing the minimum amount so that you can build something…

Management and Vision Are Two Separate Things

This article is a write-up of a talk I gave at the Digital Transformation conference here in London in 2019.

The Oracle Problem

This article surveys the current state of JavaScript tooling for a class of testing techniques which address something called “the oracle…

Demystifying the GraphGL dataloader utility: there is no magic!

“DataLoader is a generic utility to be used as part of your application’s data fetching layer to provide a consistent API over various…

Security Trivia Series: Understanding CSP’s Reporting

In our previous blogpost about Content Security Policy (CSP) we promised to have another one about reporting and mentioned report-uri…

Serverless: It’s not all a FaaS

Cloud object storage services (AWS S3, GCS, Azure Blobs) were among the first cloud products to make us stop having to think about the…

Under the 🔬 with Kubernetes

Ever wanted to know what a field does in your Kubernetes yaml definitions?


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