In 2016 I decided to publish more content to Medium rather than my own self hosted blog.

Publications allow publishers to manage and post content from many different authors on Medium.

As I published more content, I started looking for publications that might distrbute that content.

Medium doesn't publish a list of publicatons, so finding them is difficult, and often a matter of luck.

I decided to help solve that problem by curating and publishing a list of publications. It was a simple one page website, that listed the publications based on the number of followers they had.

Version 1

TopPub has become a popular resource for authors to find publications that might distribute their cotent. In 2018, I decided it was time to update the website, and expand on it's functionality.

TopPub now allows users to filter the list of publications by tags assigned by the publishers, topic assigned by Medium, and search based on key word.