60 Months to Ironman

Oh, shit. Making my biggest, most secret, most insane goal public. I used to weigh 368 pounds. I'm going to enter an Ironman race when I'm as old as my mother was when she died.

Shaunta Grimes

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I Want To Eat Like A Normal Person

And now I think I'm finally ready to try it out.

If Your ‘Where’ is Broken, Everything Is Broken

The art of finding your place, when you’re feeling lost.

4 Things I’m Doing in My 40s so My 70s Don’t Suck

And so that my 40s don’t suck, either.

Tough Love For Your Future Self

Five things you should do right now, even if you don’t want to.

I’m Excited To Lose Weight Again

Finding this much motivation took me more than 5 years.

What Eighth Graders Know About Life

Remembering how to be well-rounded. And have fun.

It’s Not Just Physical

Sometimes weight struggles are a mental health issue too.

Can I Crowdfund Myself a New Body?

Because this thing is basically a Ford Pinto and it’s done.

The Binge Eater's Walk Of Shame

Here's something I know all too well.

Saturdays are my favorite. I want them back.

Recovering from Relocation Depression, one perfect Saturday at a time.


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