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Latest Posts

The American Public Deserves to See the Mueller Report With as Few Redactions as Possible

Any redactions made by Attorney General Barr must be limited and defensible.

The American People Support LGBTQ Equality. Congress Should Too.

Opponents of equality are spewing myths about transgender people and nondiscrimination protections on Capitol Hill.

The BE HEARD Act Will Overhaul Workplace Harassment Laws

The groundbreaking, comprehensive bill takes on workplace harassment and discrimination.

Congressional Action to End the Bans — Now and Into the Future

Trump thought he won, but Members of Congress are pushing back.

Trump Picks Family Separation Advocate Kevin McAleenan to Be Acting Secretary of Homeland Security

By elevating McAleenan, the president has signaled that he seeks to maximize cruelty.

Utah Passed a Law to Protect Noncitizens From Automatic Deportation

By reducing the maximum penalty for a misdemeanor by one day, lawmakers reduced the harm of an unfair federal immigration law.

Kirstjen Nielsen’s Brutal and Calamitous Leadership of the Department of Homeland Security Comes…

She implemented some of the Trump administration’s most vicious policies and repeatedly violated the law.

Willie McCoy Should Be Alive Today

We need use of force bills to pass in California and nationwide to change police standards.

New Student ‘Safety’ Principles Place Students At Risk

When you place police and surveillance technologies in schools, the only thing you can assure is student harm.

I Was Arrested and Detained for Passing Out Fliers Near a Courthouse

The government has no business criminalizing political speech just because it happens outside a courthouse.


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