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Trump Administration Is Illegally Forcing Asylum Seekers

The administration is once again breaking the law in order to shut the door on immigrants.

Border Patrol Detained Me for Speaking Spanish in Montana. Then My Town Turned Against Me.

Customs and Border Protection violated our rights as U.S. citizens just for speaking Spanish in a grocery store.

U.S. Border Patrol Detained U.S. Citizens for Speaking Spanish in Montana

Illegal arrests and seizures reflect an out-of-control agency emboldened by Trump’s anti-immigrant agenda.

New Hampshire Law Illegally Targets Young Voters Ahead of 2020 Primary

The state wants students to face criminal penalties if they don’t pay to change their out-of-state licenses after voting.

Voters Can’t Elect the Right Prosecutors if These Elected Officials’ Records Aren’t Made Public

Prosecutor’s offices are “black boxes,” but the ACLU has legislation to change that in all 50 states.

‘Policing For Profit’ Is Alive and Well in South Carolina

An investigative series finds that police have amassed millions through civil asset forfeiture.

The Supreme Court Is Playing Favorites With Religion

The court’s recent decisions threaten religious neutrality — the “clearest command” of the Establishment Clause.

Fact-Checking Common Myths on Transition-Related Care for Trans People

Transition-related care is medically necessary for many transgender people, yet insurance companies deny coverage for these treatments.

The Justice Department Wants to Strip the Mongols Biker Club of Its Logo

The First Amendment bars the government from stopping people from wearing clothes showing the logo of the Mongols Motorcycle Club.

Ruling Is a Warning to Companies Collecting Biometric Scans Without Permission

The Illinois Supreme Court allowed a lawsuit to continue against a company that scanned a 14-year-old’s fingerprint.


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