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Feyi Fawehinmi

Accountant | Amateur Economist | Wannabe Photographer | Tweets @doubleeph | Take the current when it serves or lose your ventures

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There’s a rather funny story my dad once told me that has stayed with me. His father — Seriki Tugbobo — the larger than life patriarch of…

The Word on The Streets XXXII: Training Day Edition

My longest stay away from Nigeria is now over. After 3 years, TWOTS is back following the usual whistle-stop trip to Nigeria that took in…

Revolutionary Road: Thomas Sankara and the Agitation of Burkina Faso

Book Review of Brian Peterson’s Thomas Sankara: A Revolutionary in Cold War Africa

My Books of 2020 (Fine Sentences Included)

What a horrible year for reading. Everything was going well until something happened last year…

My Books of 2019 (Fine Sentences Included)

Some of the books I read last year. And introducing an award for the worst book of the year…

Against Sai Baba

President Buhari sees the world as it is. And that is the problem

My Books of 2018 (Fine Sentences Included)

Some of the books I read in 2018


Nigerians are poor because their lives are expensive

Re: Citizen Kemi Adeosun

My piece in The Guardian yesterday on Nigerian citizenship viz Kemi Adeosun provoked a bit of a debate on Facebook. Guardian only gives me…


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