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KiKi Walter

AKA "The Memoir Queen." Ki is the founder & co-publisher of The Memoirist, Age of Empathy, Black Bear, Dear KiKi, QuickTalk, The Mayhem, & The Writing Pub.

Sally Prag

Wilfully niche-less, playfully word-weaving. 8 x Top Writer. Writing on mindfulness, life’s lessons, travel, parenting, and more. Not always seriously.

Bernice P.

Always searching for the perfect pun. I write about my faith, life and pop culture.

Suzanne Pisano

Writer. Singer. Jersey girl. Personal essays and poetry. Humor when the mood strikes. Editor for The Memoirist and The Age of Empathy.

Christopher Robin

Cohost of, recovering alcoholic, humorist, Editor for The Memoirist, AoE, Black Bear Recovery, my own reality.

Marketa Zvelebil

A retired (disabled and an ex-refugee) scientist, currently a photographer who loves to write. Mainly about life, and thoughts on current or any issues.

Ira Robinson

Published author of over a dozen books and dozens of short stories, Digital painter, and streamer, and blind. Contact me at

Mike Butler

Top NBA, sports, and music writer. Editor on the Press Box and QuickTalk. English teacher, former sportswriter. Loves to write about zany adventures.

Vidya Sury, Collecting Smiles

Writing about Self Improvement, Mindfulness, Meditation, Parenting, Health, Travel, Life, Books. Showing my diabetes who’s boss. Visit:

Preeti Ramachandran

Writer of Personal Stories, Humor, Fiction & Mental Health | For writing opportunities ✉:

Janet Meisel

Writer, poet, artist. Doggist. Owner of The Trumpet pub. Top Writer in Satire, and This Happened To Me

Bob Merckel

Editor: Age of Empathy, The Memoirist | English teacher/language consultant in Barcelona and Provincetown.

kasey sparks

making mistakes · gathering lessons · sparking curiosity · finding meaning & magical moments in the midst of my messy life · featured in

Michelle A. Cmarik

40-ish mom trying to find her bearings while fishing for goldfish crackers. 8x Top Writer

Michele Maize

Sobriety unleashed The Sober Vegan Yogi. Writing is my therapy. Animals and yoga are my jam.

Rose Butcher

Niche-less word witch - of things no one wants to read 🪄 Editor @ Black Bear, Age of Empathy, The Memoirist and Quick Talk Columnist. 🌱

Yana Bostongirl

Top writer| My life + relationships + writing experiences = my blogs (a memoir in motion)| 🌸Connect:


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