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Sid Sharma

Born and raised in the Bay Area #Cali ☀️ I speak Swift & C#. Sometimes English. GS Warriors | Dallas Cowboys | Chi Cubs DevRel | @Nexmo | @CodinGame |

Surabhi Jain

App Evangelist | Avid Traveler | All things Technology | @Agoraio

Latest Posts

How Live Video Broadcasting is Transforming the Fitness and Health Industries

The fitness industry has been undergoing dramatic growth in recent years as wearables like Fitbit and Apple Watch have grown in popularity…

3 Industries Using Live Video to Make the World a Better Place

We often hear about how technology is “changing the future,” but it can be hard to gauge just how big of an impact it has had and will…

Building a group video chat app

Hey everyone, today I want to walk through how to build a simple group video chat web app, very similar to Google Hangouts, Skype or…

Web vs App (AR edition)

Given the latest advancements in web technologies it has opened up a new set of options when developing an AR based solution. Recent… Now Brings Live Voice and Video Chat to Game Developers Inside the Unity Asset Store

With so much explosive growth around real-time engagement, we know that many of you are thinking about how you can further enhance the…

Add In-Game Voice Chat to the Unity Tanks!!! Multiplayer Demo

Adding voice in multiplayer games is literally a game changer. It allows gamers to communicate with the other players and increases…

1-to-1 Video Chat App on Android using

This is an exercising in getting through the basic integration of the Android SDK that will allow for multiple users to video…

Sentiment analysis with Agora’s video call

Sentiment analysis is an integral part of understanding human behavior and reactions to conversations.

5 Most Frequently Asked Questions by Developers

As you develop the next generation of apps utilizing voice, video, and live interactive broadcasting capabilities, you will likely have…

Add Peer to Peer Video Calling to your iOS app using

A plethora of mobile developers are looking to add video chat in mobile apps to drive engagement and interactions between users. Whether…


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