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Sid Sharma

Born and raised in the Bay Area #Cali ☀️ I speak Swift & C#. Sometimes English. GS Warriors | Dallas Cowboys | Chi Cubs DevRel | @Nexmo | @CodinGame |

Surabhi Jain

App Evangelist | Avid Traveler | All things Technology | @Agoraio

Latest Posts

How to add Live Broadcasting and Chat to your Android app using

Implementing live broadcasting can prove to be a very difficult task especially if scalability is an important concern. Agora makes our…

🎉 Web SDK v2.6: Audio Effects, No-Plugin Screen Sharing on Chrome, and Much More! 🎉

With this release of Web SDK v2.6, there are some cool additions we think you’ll like. Read on to learn about the newest features.

🎉 Native SDK v2.4 release! Image enhancement, Advanced Screen Sharing, and much more! 🎉

This version includes many cool additions you’ve been asking for! Read on to learn about all the new features.

2-Click Setup: Testing Token Server

When running a production app using’s Voice and Video SDK, developers need to implement a token server.

Do You Have What it Takes to be a Agora Superstar?

Agora strives to empower developers around the world to create innovative apps and projects. From disaster recovery drones to augmented…

Adding Voice Chat to a Multiplayer Cross-Platform Unity game

Ever built a cross-platform mobile multiplayer game in Unity and wanted to add in some group video chat capabilities?

How To: Create a Video Chat App in Unity

All apps become more fun when users have the ability to see and interact with each other. Options are limited especially when using Unity…

Agora Recording SDK Setup

The Agora Recording SDK allows developers to create and store a local copy of the video stream. This provides an amazing dataset for…

(Android) Run Video Chat within your Unity application📱🎮

Something that makes all games more fun is having the ability to see and speak with others players in the game. Games have been including…

Add Voice Chat to your Unity game

One thing that makes any game more fun is having the ability to chat with other players in the game. Games have been including voice chat…


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