AlphaWallet and AlchemyNFT

The team at AlphaWallet is committed to bringing Web 3.0 via tokenization. We provide TokenScript, an open framework which is the “HTML” for tokens and enables developers to make their tokens “smart”. The AlphaWallet app is like the browser for users to access these SmartTokens.

Victor Zhang

Making the world more open and fair.

Weiwu Zhang

Blockchain expert | Climate-change activist | Horse trainer | Technophile | Polyglot

James Brown

Cofounder at AlphaWallet. Ancient genX nerd who enjoys coding and connecting gadgets. Considerable skill with social distancing and self isolation.

Tomek Nowak

Senior UI/UX Designer

Smart Token Hamsters

The hamsters who build the key management in your crypto wallet. The hamsters who bring you token remix magic for NFT utilities. Infrastructure for a web3 world


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