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Creating Space for New Leaders with Dr. Agnes Binagwaho

Many Complex Variables, One Simple Solution


Last year, I was sitting in a hotel restaurant across from my mother. Normally, this mother-daughter scene would be completely ordinary…

The World Needs Rare Leaders

My grandmother and professor of leadership, Hellicy C. Ngambi, in the year 2011 published a book title “RARE Total Leadership: Leading…

Embracing Diversity & Inclusion for Social Change

The life force of any nonprofit organization is its people. By bringing diverse experiences, skills, and capabilities to bear on…

Re-Examining Risk: Condoms, HIV, and Discussions about Sex in Rwanda

About a year ago, I attended a Sexual and Reproductive Health Training in Nyamata, Rwanda as a Global Health Corps (GHC) fellow…

Expanding access to health services through facility-based early morning testing- The case of…

Grivin Frank, a 66-year-old man who lives in Mangochi district, Malawi, has been reluctant to get tested for HIV: every time he came to…

Changing the Stage: Dance in Zambia

The power of dance is a spark that spans settings and generations. Dance has been used to shape self-confidence, foster community, and…

Rethinking Climate Change Adaptation and Mitigation

Why It’s Time for a Paradigm Shift

What Flying Worms Taught Me About Health Equity

In Gulu, the town in northern Uganda where I currently live and work as a Global Health Corps (GHC) fellow with Spark Microgrants, bugs…


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