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Introducing Vectordrawable-Seekable

Using the new and improved AnimatedVectorDrawable to pause and seek your animations.

Crack Top Android Development Company Interview

The interviewer in interviews asked these questions with top-tier Internet companies. Familiarity with the knowledge points listed in this…

Deep Dive into Activity Results API — No More onActivityResult()

Learn New ActivityResultContracts by Examples

Handling Media Files With MediaFacer Library For Android

Querying media content on android with ease using the MediaFacer class library

Jetpack Compose: Twitter UI

I decided to test out Jetpack Compose by making a simple Twitter UI clone after I came across this tweet by Mariano Zorrilla:

GitFlow with GitHub

Why we have to choose between safety and tidiness?

What’s inside : Who touched my phone? Android App

This is the first article in this series “What’s inside my app”, this series will focus on reverse-engineering and strip android apps down…

Realtime Database vs Firestore: 9 Major Differences

Firestore is much better than the Realtime Database like the black trainer. Period.

How to migrate GitLab/Bitbucket to GitHub in a simple way

GitHub has just announced a happy news today for us, developers. “Teams on GitHub can create unlimited private repositories for free.”

What Happened to Chat Bubbles / Heads in Android?

How the SYSTEM_ALERT_WINDOW permission has been abused over the years by malware creators & hackers?


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