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Wajahat Karim

Android Developer. Open Source Contributor. Writer. Speaker


Software Engineer at Zalando SE

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Using static code analysis tool in Android Studio

Static analysis (or static code analysis) is an analysis run on the source code, against some set rules, even before the program runs…

Android Studio 3.3: First Look

Google kicks off this new year with a stable release of Android Studio 3.3, with noteworthy enhancements and updates for developers who…

Add file to your Android Project

Change from one file and reflect the changes on all the product flavors

Working with Motion Photos

Motion Photos is a feature which launched with the Google Pixel 2 and what it does is, along with the photo, it records a video of up to 3…

Android Onboarding Hop Animation

You have a fantastic feature in your application that requires your users to swipe a view up to open it. But your users do NOT use it…

Working with Retrofit2 (part 1)

Hey! if you are seeing this, most probably you may have web services in your mind. Well this is very basic thing. While developing a…

The power of Android Porter/Duff Mode with View Animation

In this article we’ll try to implement a custom Android loading indicator with “Light” animation.

How to maximize Android’s UI reusability — 5 common mistakes

During the last few months, I had the opportunity to revisit some of our existing UI at Groupon. As part of this process, we started by…

Create an Android Camera App using Kotlin

The Android Framework provides us with support for taking images and videos using the built-in camera app. But what if you want to develop…

Android Networking in 2019 — Retrofit with Kotlin’s Coroutines

The year 2018 saw a lot of big changes in the Android World, especially in terms of Android Networking. The launch of a stable version of…


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