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The 25 Newsletters That Every App and Mobile Developer Should Subscribe To

Keeping up to date with industry trends can be difficult. The world of mobile app development is ever changing. For me, newsletters are…

Android Q — Few Changes to Love

Android P is finally getting into some handsets and we already have Android Q on Beta mode available only for Pixel Devices. Even though…

Implementing Search-on-type in Android with Coroutines

We have to agree, search-on-type has been a common feature in Android applications. The functionality requirement is pretty straight…

Android Security Testing

Learn about Android security testing in this article by Tony Hsiang-Chih Hsu, a senior security architect, software development manager…

How I fought modders and crackers? (Android-Tamper-Detector)

This is a small story on how I fought modders and crackers from breaking my app and stealing all my revenue.

How did I crack the coding interview

It’s not a secret that nobody likes interviews, probably even less when we talk about coding interviews.

Kotlin Sequences

The story of lazy collection operations

Do AnTuTu benchmarks matter?

Yeah, benchmarks are a pretty good indication of the stronger hardware in a device.

Test-Driven Android Development, Part 3

In this article series, we’re going to follow this road-map:

Mobile Forensics and Android Security

This article will give you a brief introduction to mobile forensics and dive into an overview of key security features of Android security.


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