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Search Filter on Recycler View (Android)

Hey guys. I am back for my 3rd article here on medium. Its a short one but very helpful if you frequently need to develop search features…

Make your android’s requests shine with a cool User-Agent

I’ve never take care before of the user agent header in the apps I work. Since a devops tell me how awkward is the OkHttp3 defaults one…

Android Navigation Component. Navigate with ease

Android Jetpack’s Navigation Component is already stable and it makes it easy to navigate between fragments. You don’t have to deal with…

How To Publish Google Assistant Application

We have already seen how to create Google Assistant application using Actions and Dialogflow in our previous article Create Your First…

Broadcast Receivers For Beginners

Broadcast → Receive

Animate Everything! (Android Animation Showcase)

Let’s add some motion to a static mockup!

Create Your First Google Assistant Application

In the previous article, we have seen the basics of Google Assistant and Actions On Google, we have also seen the difference between them…

Android. How to synchronize keyboard with EditText focus?

In this post I will show you how to synchronize keyboard show/hide state and EditText focus

Android API Level, backward and forward compatibility

If you get to read this article it might mean you are wondering things like:

Coroutine Context Switching Made Easy

Kotlin Coroutines are great, there’s no denying that. But on Android, the CoroutineContext matters so much; LiveData and the UI need to be…


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