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Android Storage


Get current location using GPS instead of Google place picker API

According to the policy of google the place picker is depreciated in January and the new version of place picker is available but it’s…

How to Change App Status with a Notification (Android)

When you want your users to be able to interact with your android app even if it is not on the foreground, the notification is at your…

How I managed to clean up my Activities and Fragments

One smooth pattern completely changed the way I organize my Activities and Fragments now. I’ve tried out a lot of different approaches…

Espresso UI Test For Data-Binding

Writing UI test is a great way to automate and simplify the QA process in the mobile development cycle. For Android, Espresso is the best…

Disable Shift Label Animation from Bottom Navigation — Android.

Make Bottom Navigation without animation like youtube, Instagram

RecyclerView Search with Room Database

Hello everyone, in this article we’re gonna see the simplest method to implement a search functionality in an Android app which uses Room…

Unit Testing animation results using Robolectric

Robolectric is a great tool to test Android views and classes in Android framework properly. I use Robolectric heavily to test custom view…

Coroutine in Android: Working with Lifecycle

In this series of blog posts, I am going to explore Kotlin Coroutine and it’s usage in the Android world.

Storing data securely on Android-KeyStore Asymmetric

Saving data securely on Android devices is one of the most challenging problem. I will investigate some methods with their pros and cons.


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