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Wojtek Kaliciński

Android Developer Advocate @ Google

Daniel Galpin

Developer Advocate at Google, writer, editor, theatrical performer, and social dancer.

Latest Posts

Android Studio Project Marble: Lint Performance

Details on recent Lint performance fixes and a tool we made to pinpoint bottlenecks.

WindowInsets — Listeners to layouts

Moving where we handle insets to where our views live, layout files

5 tips for using showInstallPrompt in your instant experience

One of the goals of your instant experience may be to drive installs from your app’s instant experience. You can achieve this more…

Subscriptions 101 for Android Apps

Subscriptions on Google Play Billing can be an excellent way to grow your business. However, coordinating between your Android app and…

Locale changes and the AndroidViewModel antipattern

TL;DR: Expose resource IDs from ViewModels to avoid showing obsolete data.

Android Emulator : Project Marble Improvements

Posted by: Sam Lin, Product Manager, Android

Android Data Binding Library — From Observable Fields to LiveData in two steps

One of the most important features of Data Binding is observability. It allows you to bind data and UI elements so that when the data…

Improving build speed in Android Studio

Posted by Leo Sei, Product manager on Android Studio

TensorFlow Dev Summit key takeaways for Android Developers

Exciting announcements included GPU delegate, expanded documentation and new Android code labs. Plus, how ML devs see Android as a…

Easy Coroutines in Android: viewModelScope

Cancelling coroutines when they are no longer needed can be a task easy to forget, it’s monotonous work and adds a lot of boilerplate code…


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