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Wojtek Kaliciński

Android Developer Advocate @ Google

Daniel Galpin

Developer Advocate at Google, writer, editor, theatrical performer, and social dancer.

Latest Posts

Room 🔗 Coroutines

Add some suspense to your database

Google Santa Tracker — Moving to an Android App Bundle

This post is the first in the series which explores the improvements made to the Google Santa Tracker Android app for 2018.

WorkManager Basics

Getting started with WorkManager

The Android Lifecycle cheat sheet — part IV

ViewModels, Translucent Activities and Launch Modes

Kotlin Standard Functions cheat-sheet

A new take on a Kotlin Standard Functions Cheat-Sheet

Data Binding — Lessons Learnt

The Data Binding Library (referred to as the ‘DB library’ for the rest of this post) offers a flexible and powerful way to bind data to…

Dependency injection in a multi module project

How we introduced a DI framework into Plaid and what we learned

Cross-stitching Plaid and AndroidX

An AndroidX migration guide

Introducing WorkManager

This series of blog posts will introduce WorkManager, explaining what it is, when to use it and how…

Making the UAMP sample an instant app

Starting in Android Studio 3.3, the IDE will provide tooling support for instant apps. (As of this writing, Android Studio 3.3 is available…


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