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Wojtek Kaliciński

Android Developer Advocate @ Google

Daniel Galpin

Developer Advocate at Google, writer, editor, theatrical performer, and social dancer.

Chet Haase

Android and comedy. Not necessarily in that order.

Chris Banes

Work @Google on #Android

Latest Posts

ADB 120: Machine Learning

New podcast episode about ML

Packing the Room: Pre-populate your database with this one method

Let’s say that you want to pre-populate your database with data either packaged in your APK or downloaded from server. Whether you wanted…

Now in Android: Episode #2

Featuring Final Q preview, Gestures, Resettable user IDs, Reddit AMA, and ADB episode 119

ADB 119: Kotlin with Andrey Breslav

The latest podcast episode is an interview with the lead language designer for Kotlin at Jetbrains

Gesture Navigation: Handling visual overlaps

This is the second post in my series on Gesture Navigation. In case you missed it, here’s the others so far:

Automatic SMS Verification with SMS User Consent

If you’re implementing SMS verification using one-time-codes into your app, check out the new SMS User Consent API.

A Little Thing about Android Module Paths

How to configure your module paths, instead of using Gradle’s default.

Gesture Navigation: Going edge-to-edge

With Android Q, a new system navigation mode has been added, allowing the user to navigate back, and to the home screen via gestures.

Now in Android: Episode #1

Collector’s Edition! Kotlin, AndroidX, Blueprints, and ADS

Dagger in Kotlin: Gotchas and Optimizations

Use Dagger in Kotlin! This article includes best practices to optimize your build time and gotchas you might encounter.


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