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Product and DevRel lead for Angular at Google.

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Mark is a Developer Advocate on the Angular Team at Google.

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Signal inputs available in developer preview

The new inputs provide developers with new ways that:

Angular v17.2 is now available

We rarely write blog posts about minor releases, but today we have a few surprises for you — experimental support for Material 3, signal…

Material 3 Experimental Support in Angular 17.2

We’re thrilled to announce that Angular 17.2 features experimental support for Material 3 theming in Angular Material.

Angular Developer Survey 2023

Over the past year we’ve been evolving Angular based on developer feedback and community trends. We receive developer feedback from dozens…

Introducing Puppeteer Schematics: Test Your Angular Apps with Ease

Integrate Puppeteer seamlessly in your Angular projects with the new @puppeteer/ng-schematics!

Check out Angular’s support for the View Transitions API

When a user navigates from one route to another, the Angular Router maps the URL path to the relevant component and displays its view…

Use Angular’s New Deferrable Views Now

The Angular community has asked for an intuitive, built-in method to lazy load components, directives, and pipes. In Angular v17, we’ve…

Introducing Angular v17

Last month marked the 13th anniversary of Angular’s red shield. AngularJS was the starting point for a new wave of JavaScript frameworks…


Today, we are excited to launch — the future home for Angular developers.

Some big things are happening next week on November 6th 🎉

We’ve been hard at work on some very special updates to Angular. You don’t want to miss what we have planned.


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