Apollo GraphQL

We build the Apollo Platform to help developers adopt GraphQL the right way.

Martijn Walraven

Technical Product Manager @apollographql

Matt DeBergalis

Co-Founder & CTO, Apollo

James Baxley III

I wish I was a farmer

Danielle Man

Engineering Manager helping build Apollo 🚀 @apollographql @meteorjs #GraphQL

Ben Newman

JavaScript whisperer, scruffy dog guardian, recovering sarcast, aspiring ironist. Meebo, Apture, Mozilla, Quora, Facebook, and Meteor have employed me.

Jesse Rosenberger

Open-source Developer at @meteorjs and @apollographql

Jake Dawkins

Apollo Architect at @apollographql. Working to make the GraphQL ecosystem easier to use at any scale.

Adam Zionts

Apollo GraphQL — Cloud tech lead

Peggy Rayzis

Engineering Manager, Apollo

François Dufour

Marketing Executive and Advisor. Previously head of Marketing at Twilio, Udacity and LinkedIn Talent Solutions. https://www.linkedin.com/in/fdufour/

Julia Black

Events lead at Apollo GraphQL

Khalil Stemmler

Developer Advocate at Apollo GraphQL ⚡ Author of solidbook.io ⚡ Advanced TypeScript & DDD at khalilstemmler.com ⚡

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